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Cleanings: Basic Hand Cleaning (Pistol)

Cleanings: Basic Hand Cleaning (Pistol)

We offer the basic of all cleanings, good ole fashion elbow grease and know how that includes:


-Field Strip 

-Debri Removal

-Thorough brushing with Hoppe's No. 9 Gun Bore Cleaner

- Action clearning



-Wipe down with luster cloth upon pick up


Go shooting and dont worry about the hassle of cleaning after, we got your back.


    We will field strip your weapon, set aside any wood stocks/grips and forearms, then we will field strip your weapon any of the heavy debris (lent, hair, dust),
    Clean out the barrel with cleaning rod, bore brush and patches to thoroughly scrub the barrel, Lubricate the barrel.  Clean and lubricate the action with solvent. Wipe them dry with a clean cloth.  Reassemble and wipe down the rest of your gun with a luster cloth.

    Field strip your weapon, remove heavy debris, clean the barrel/action with solvent reassemble and wipe down the rest of your gun with a luster cloth.


    If you are shipping your firearm to us please contact us for details (Hyperlink to contact us)

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